Institute of Human Resources Development (IHRD)


The “Institute of Human Resources Development” (IHRD), was established by the Government of Kerala with the primary aim of manpower development as an autonomous Institution in 1987. The institute is registered under “The Travancore – Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies registrations Act 12 of 1955”.

The management of the institute is vested with a Governing Body composed of ex-officio members only with the Honorable Minister of Education, Kerala State, as the Chairman and Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department, Government of Kerala as the Vice-Chairman.

IHRD which started off with a few educational institutions in the late 80’s has now 93 institutions spread across Kerala which include 9 Engineering Colleges, 39 Colleges of Applied Science, 8 Polytechnic Colleges, 24 Technical Higher Secondary Schools, 2 Regional centers, 7 Study centers, 2 Model Finishing Schools and 2 Skill Development centers.

IHRD is dedicated to the scientific, technological and economic progress of the country through human resources development. It has always believed in the principle “Think globally and act locally” so that the compulsions of the nation’s welfare are firmly entwined with and embedded in the worldwide goals of society. Due to its unique status and structure, IHRD has been the pioneer in designing unique courses in Electronics and Computer Science since 1987, which have tremendously helped the economic growth of the state by empowering the youth to get jobs in the Computer, Electrical,Mechanical, Electronics, I.T and allied sectors.

The backbone of IHRD is a taskforce of around 2000 employees, which include Graduates, Postgraduates, Diploma Holders etc. employed at every level including strategic planning, implementation, project management, administration, analysis etc.

IHRD as a TSP for the Govt. of Kerala

IHRD has been identified as a Total Service Provider, by the Govt. of Kerala for all work related to computerization and office automation at Government offices and establishments.

The various skill development centers and regional centers of IHRD have been providing technical knowhow, training and skill development in various service sectors across Kerala including hospitals, the legislative assembly, local self-government establishments etc. IHRD has been acting as one of the major implementing agencies for the initiatives of the Government and the people’s representatives so as to achieve the state’s developmental vision in the field.

Model Finishing Schools (MFS)

A Government of Kerala (GoK ) undertaking, the Model Finishing School is a joint initiative of the IT Department, GoK and the IHRD, with the support of industry-major Infosys. IHRD has two MFS located at Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam. They are equipped with the latest state of art facilities.

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